Signal-To-Noise Projects

I work with a technology based art collective seeking to integrate science and technology into art and to bring immersive interactive audio/video experiences to the masses. I am involved in a number of projects with them.

RFID to MIDI for Video and Audio triggering

We have developed a bit of programming that takes in RFID signals from objects a user can interact with and triggers individualized audio/video experiences. Our first installation of this technology took place on April 26, 2015 at the Redline Gallery for the  Doors Open Denver event. We plan to utilize the technology to create highly immersive and interactive audio visual experiences. This could be used at music festivals, events, and even for marketing events and expos. 

Solo Projects

"The Future Awaits in Tranquil Repose"

Working on amassing a number of paintings in a new series titled "The Future Awaits in Tranquil Repose" exploring the cyclical nature of reality and human interactions with it. The series explores futuristic imagery of future destruction continuing our behavior of war and destruction. There will also be the contrasting imagery of utopian scenes of beauty and how things could be transformed for the better. The scenes of chaos and destruction serve as a reminder that this side of us can exist within us all. The somewhat ambiguous message and style of my paintings let the viewer determine a message and even subject that best speaks to them. Using a mixture of futurism with ancient symbolism and archetypal imagery, I conjure up recollections from the subconscious. With this show I also have done a lot of live painting using the concept of projection mapped live painting. The projection mapping brings a whole new synthesis to 

 Collaborative Projects


“Diffeomorphism” combines the styles of four unique artist’s styles and synthesizes digital and analog art into a beautiful new form of interactive art. The installation aims to utilize cutting edge technology in conjunction with more traditional forms of artistic creation. Animated and generative visual content will be projected onto a 9'x5' painted mural. The projected visuals will be integrated with the live painting process to create a breathtaking synthesis of digital and analog art. Along with the combination of mediums, this project will combine the styles of the four artists involved in the process. Adam Psybe, Jonathan Solter, and Kaliptus will paint the mural and Zac Binary will live map the painting as it progresses and operate visual content. This project will also include a very unique and interactive feature. Mounted on top of the painting will be a infrared skeletal tracker similar to the Microsoft Kinect. This tracker will allow the projected imagery to be controlled by the movements of the painters as well as onlookers.

Combining interactivity and new technologies with traditional painting speaks to current conversations regarding the integration of technology into our current reality. By showing that thesis and antithesis can create a beautiful and inspirational synthesis, it displays that technology can be integrated into our lives in positive and engaging ways.

Diffeomorphism is a proposal to a festival and has yet to be approved. 


MythMash is a series of Collaborations between Myself and Sadie Young


MythMash is a project we collaborated on for Sadie's Thesis Show. The project is on an octagonal canvas with surrounding 8 equilateral triangles. The canvases were then projection mapped with video we shot, and the triangles contain a digital painting from start to finish by Sadie. These are triggered by the movement in the central video. 

"All My Festival Friends"

At Arise we ran around and took photos of people who we thought were illuminating the Arise spirit. We did this each day, and the same day we took the photos Sadie live painted portraits from these photos on to a 5x4 ft canvas while I live projection mapped around where I was painting. 

With a constantly changing background, everyone’s experience of this piece is different just like everyone’s experience life, and this festival. Having the faces ties the abstract with something we all can connect with, a human face, a smile, an emotion, each different but relatable. Together we are able to see ourselves as unique yet united, and through unity we stand, and arise. Transformational culture and the message of arise encapsulated visually. We are all apart of the creation of this culture and the change it can bring. The co-creation that is a huge part of transformational cultures such as Arise is the most powerful part of the experience. These festivals show that we all have something worth sharing and offering to each other, and how powerful we can be when we actively participate together. Our generation of Millennials is proving that we can create our own culture instead of blindly consuming a culture preconceived by big business; we are all active participants in creating a future, and together we Arise! For these reasons I wanted people at the festival to actively be apart of the creation and experience of this art piece and I could not have made this dream a reality without connecting to another amazing creator with the same vision and drive, together all of you, Zac, and myself made this piece of art happen.